Summer Programs

Therapeutic Summer Camp Sessions

Five separate, two-week camps are held throughout the course of the summer for three hours at a time, with morning and afternoon time slots. Students are welcome to attend both morning and afternoon sessions for an all-day camp experience. Within small groups matched by age and skills, students will be taught a range of social learning concepts and then practice implementing these concepts and related skills through gardening, cooking and other activities. The camps are held on a small, developing, organic farm, which includes chickens, goats and a handful of other small farm animals. Sessions are engaging and motivating. Not only are students given the opportunity to increase their social awareness and ability to effectively work with others, but they are also learning gardening, cooking and nutrition. This dynamic combination has proven to be incredibly successful and highly rewarding.

Community “Hang Out” Camps “Hang Out” Groups are typically intended for students ages 13-18 and are held on Saturdays during camp sessions, but are available during weekdays throughout the school year. These groups are somewhat less structured in that there is less direct teaching and more practice applying concepts and independent living skills within different community settings and activities. Students go on outings into the community every other week. They spend the alternate weeks receiving more focused instruction and planning for the following week’s outing.

Year-Round Services

Small Group & Individual Camp Experiences A similar focus to our summer camp sessions, but for 1-2 hours weekly throughout the school year. For older students, there is a heavier focus on independent living skills and facilitating social-vocational learning.

Social Learning Camp

Clinically based individual or social learning groups minus the gardening focus. These camps explore social learning concepts, learning how to work as a team, understanding hidden rules and expectations, and many other skills based on needs of the student(s).

Garden-Based Therapy Consultations and Development Consultation and development of garden programs in an educational environment (public/private schools, homeschooling) or in a home setting.

Other Educational Consultation Including assessments, attending IEP or other school meetings, etc.

Program Information

Larkin Valley Farm Larkin Valley Farm is a small, developing farm and garden with some animals and bees. If your child has any food allergies, is allergic to bee stings, or has a fear of dogs or other animals, please be sure to include that information when submitting your application. Also, make sure your child is prepared to spend the day outside, with layered clothing if necessary, and closed-toe shoes. While your child is participating in camp sessions, please feel free to explore the garden and relax.


Growing Social group-based learning is appropriate for students ages 8-young adults. The focus for younger school-age students is on group work, interactions and problem solving. The older students in the program shift their focus to independent living skills and facilitating social-vocational learning.

Camp Placement

Great time and attention is given to placing students in appropriate groups matched by their age, skills and personality. This allows instruction in the small groups to be tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Areas Explored With Growing Social

Social Focus:

  • Social Awareness and Interaction

  • Problem Solving

  • Body/Brain Awareness

  • Organizational/Executive Functioning

  • Independence/Self-Advocacy

  • Simulated Vocational Experiences

  • Parent Community

Farming/Gardening/Cooking Focus:

  • Basic gardening and plant science concepts

  • Gardening skills, including propagation and harvesting

  • Interaction with farm animals

  • Knowledge and skills for a healthy lifestyle


A strong parental presence is an integral part of this program, ensuring that parents understand what their child is learning so they can support them in integrating these concepts at home.

Scholarship Funding

The goal of Growing Social is that all students be able to attend camp, regardless of financial situation. If funding is preventing you from attending camp, please complete the scholarship application form and send it along with your application. Our hope is to secure grant funding for future scholarships. If you or anyone you know is interested in donating to the Growing Social scholarship fund, please contact us.